Faye Sizemore


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Faye Sizemore: The Ghosts of Sand Creek
They cry there alone…
all day long from dawn…
they cry… they cry
‘neath the night sky
Wailing and pleading for rest
in the plains toward the west
At the massacre
on Sand creek they did die
In Cheyenne and Arapaho
the voices do cry
The braves were off hunting
from the teepee’s by the creek
What happened then
is not a story intended for the meek
Woman and children and a few men…
the great Colorado Calvary did them in
Coming with eight hundred…
their howitzers blasted the camp
Survivors were shot and hacked to death
in the November damp
… babies left to freeze
next to their dead mothers
A great victory some said..
shameful… said others
Long these souls
have cried out to be free
You can hear them still…
all one hundred and sixty-three
A long time to be crying…
since Eighteen sixty-four
The price of their rest…
one million dollars and more
… the land bought
by a man named James Druck
and then donated
to the Indians for a sacred park
Now these restless spirits can rest…
and will cry no more
James had stood at Dachau…
He had heard ‘ voices’ cry before…