Faye Sizemore


Dug in a foxhole
catching forty winks
My pardner that night
Keeping the watch
Awakened to a hell of a sight
Boots all stood around the edge
with rifles all pointing down
In their eyes could be read
If they had been enemy
we would both be dead
Looked over at him
son of a bitch was asleep

Caught up into a firefight
when the firing stopped
Fella was no where in sight
well, I’ll be dammed
He was back behind some trees
Where the hell were you
‘LT, My rifle jammed’
Sure, you son of a bitch
LT took the said jammed rifle
LT fired it in the air
Sounds echoed everywhere
No jammed rifle there

LT turned to us and said
‘Runs like a rabbit again
I want him treated as such’
We weren’t thrilled too much
We looked at each other
Was said soldier a brother
or an enemy among us
We were all knowing then
he was unworthy of trust
He’d never finish his hitch
Went without saying
That son of a bitch