Faye Sizemore


Eternal BuglerAgainst a last sunset sky
When evening time is nigh

The Eternal Bugler stands
His bugle ready in his hands

The sign from above a-waiting
To sound taps for our lives abating

For when the bugle goes to lip
It sounds for life’s final trip

There is a song he plays heard upon the air
For a few moments then is no longer there

Author’s Note: I was bored so did a web search of my name and found this November 14, 2005 article in a local Illinois newspaper, The News-Banner

November 25, 2005

Norwell Pays Tribute to Veterans, Legion

by Geoff Frank
(The News-Banner – Illinois: November 14, 2005)

For a decade and a half, American Legion Post 111 has helped honor the nation’s colors during Norwell High School’s annual Veterans Day program.

On Friday, the post received a plaque from Norwell Principal Greg Mohler for “service to others above and beyond the expectations of society.” Speaking on behalf of the students, faculty and administration of the school, Mohler said the American Legion’s “call to service extends beyond uniforms and battlefields to even the smallest details of everyday life.” He told the Legion post’s members who were present that, “We appreciate your support and service to us and thank you for the greater service you have given to the United States of America.”

Several students had speaking or singing roles during the program. Norwell’s Knight Moves also performed.

Speech and debate coach Bobbie Shull, who organized the program, said the event was planned to conclude at 11 a.m. on the 11th day of the 11th month – the hour the world rejoiced at the conclusion of World War I.

Adam Atkins led the full auditorium in the Pledge of Allegiance. Celia Garza said Veterans Day is “a time to think of all those who have unselfishly served so that our freedoms may be preserved.”

Garza and Kimberly Biberstein teamed up to read “Hero” by Allison Chambers Coxsey.

Nikki Harris told the gathering that, “Heroes come in all shapes and sizes; Men and women of differing ages and differing religions with various social backgrounds.”

Charles Lamb explained that Veterans Day “is a somber day of commemoration for those in uniform – both the living and the dead – so that we, who enjoy the liberties of our society, might thank a veteran for his or her unselfish devotion to America, to freedom and to us.”

Harris and Lamb combined efforts to read “Gone but Not Forgotten” by Kiko Sunata.

Biberstein introduced a touching music video, “Letters from War” by Mark Schultz. She said Schultz pieced together the song from family letters and redefined “the idea of undying love and devotion.”

Harris and Lamb shared the reading of Coxsey’s poem, “Forever Young.”

Student Rachel Tungate drew cheers for her vocal rendition of “America.”

Biberstein’s reading of “Taps” by Faye Sizemore was followed by the playing of the bugle rendition of taps and the retiring of the colors.

Dear Faye,

That is the one thing that makes it all worthwhile… the seemingly little thing that we can’t sell, apply for, or hold onto… a seed thrown high into the wind that has found a resting place and has bloomed… away from us, to please another eye, touch another heart… a living message in a bottle that has found a faraway beach, and was welcomed… dang that’s neat… way to go Faye!

Randy E. Richmond
November 25, 2005

Wow, Randy, you put into words how I felt when I found the article. It does make it all worthwhile to think someone found it moving enough to use in a Veterans Day ceremony

November 25, 2005