Faye Sizemore


Were you there in the jungles of Hell?
Were you there when the napalm fell?
Were you there when they moved out?
Did you hear their final shout?
Were you there in the midst of the fray?
Did you see action on any day?
… Stand aside…

Did you hold a dying brother
While his lifeblood ebbed away?
Did your heart race with the joy of the kill
As you paid them back that very day?
Did you hear their screams
As they died in the nightmare of your dreams?
… Stand aside…

He heard you telling tales
All about your exploits in the Nam
Your stories gave yourself all the glory
You street corner bragger
Your stories sure were gory
Well, now, you sure look calm
How could you dare?
No. He’s not calm…
because… he was… there
… Now… Stand up