Faye Sizemore


In the Carolina foothills,
I sit outside and take my ease,
content in the night and the cool breeze
Being one of the protected is the reason why
Overhead, stars twinkle in the sky
Honeysuckle scent floats on by
I know a Lady lifts her torch in our harbor
A gift from a foreign nation, a very different generation,
She stands through sunshine, storms and ice
Her freedom came at a price, a mighty price
so willing paid dear by many a brave soul
forget not their names nor forget their goal
We owe them a debt we can never repay
This liberty we enjoy was bought with blood,
blood that was shed side by side, in brotherhood
Across the sea, a debt is owed by me,
to the ones who stood by our side,
and did not let us go alone…
So in the warm Carolina night, I ponder
ways to write of their honor…
And in Georgia, an old soldier paints his soul, in oil,
to the haunting strains of a saxophone…
God bless us all and keep liberty home

Submitted for the May 2003 IWVPA Club Theme Project, “Liberty