Faye Sizemore


In the magnolias of Carolina
and in the pines of Georgia…
listen… and you will hear
an old sad song of the South
still sung… haunting and low
History is written wherever you go
Brave soldiers fought and died
from the mountains to the tide
Most were fighting for their home
and for the ones left there alone
Not as history has recorded
… for tariffs or slavery aborted
The politics of war was not known
by the common soldier
Most fought only for home…
did learn in battle all that was left
… was preservation of self
In the New South’s yield
… there are those who muse
and whose thoughts grow wings
in sight of an old battlefield
where the breeze still sings
forever… ‘Dixie’… through the trees…
like a mournful minstrel on his knees

Azaleas and Live Oaks
Azaleas and Live Oaks, Magnolia Plantation, Charleston, SC. Photo: Adam Jones