Faye Sizemore


IWVPA Double Tap Award for War Poetry: August 14, 2004
Awarded: August 14, 2004
I know I was the cause of your death
At the time… it was all I could do
You had pointed your weapon at me
and I was just faster… my enemy… than you
Was it that simple… was our fate overdue
I continued to live and you had to die
Now… I cannot help but wonder why
it was not the other way ‘round…
with you left standing and I going down
Who were these Gods Of War
who could move their pawns just so…
and decide who got to stay and who had to go
Who were these Gods Of Cannon And Sword
who could control War’s Game-board
and decree… who would live and who would die
My dispatched enemy… I still wonder…
were these Gods… only you and I…