Faye Sizemore


My daddy loaded his shotgun
To make the garden crows run
I’m just going to scare them away
“Let me shoot it once”…
Innocence trilling
My seven year old self did say
The boom of the gun was thrilling
And I had never thought of killing

The crows flew up and away
But later I saw Daddy carrying
Their lifeless bodies to the trash bin
Black wings flopping in the wind
And I thought to myself
Guns do kill…
Crows did die
And grown-ups sometimes lie

A neighbor boy down the street
Just the kind of guy girls wanted to meet
So handsome in his Army garb
He made their hearts all throb
He came home lifeless in a coffin
During Korea it happened often
And I thought how he had died
Wars kill…
Had the government lied

Vietnam was far away
But it began to touch home
Soon lots of young soldiers were gone
Boys who had laughed when they left
But came home feeling so bereft
Just shadows of their former self
They watched their buddies die…
Because the government did lie

Afghanistan and Iraq…
Broken shells still coming back
Carrying images in their mind
That will not leave for all time
Some wished to die
And some made it so
Their gun was the way to go
Now the family cries…
And the government still lies…

Author’s Note: Mel’s family tragedy is heavy on my mind… Hence these lines…