Faye Sizemore


Night is coming, so many hours ‘til dawn
The darktime is ruled by restlessness
Its unruly reared head will not bow
Praying, God, some rest, and now,
with the closing of my eyes, at last,
… dismissing the scenes of the day

Slumber now, for I have done my best
Pray for dreamless sleep, much needed rest
Who knows what will come the ‘morrow,
to blend my happiness with my sorrow,
a semblance of life, to temper the dying,
… testing the silence with its screams

Awake not, sleep on, these many years past
‘Tis only a remembered nightmare opera,
heard only by me, alone, in my mind,
a memory imprinted as on an old record
and always playing nightly, for me alone,
… the young voices still calling…