Faye Sizemore, Danielle N. Calhoun and “Spider”


What is happening to our world today
another species dies and another takes its place
but what about the human race

What will happen when all the wars end
will we survive will we be able to mend

I think of these things every night
I know some people
still fighting for right

Others have gone
and their families remain
but what of those
whose grave has no name

When will we see that we are killing ourselves
when will someone close the door
to that damn slaughter house

Sooner than later we all will die
Most without even saying goodbye
Is it for them that we should cry?

Dead and yet no real reason why
Sooner or later it will be bye-bye.

My only goal is giving it a good try
As I spit right in the Reaper’s eye.

And look one more time at the sky.

Spit in death’s eye…
that is the most anyone can do……
unless we curl up and cry
Our leaders seem not to hear
the screams of those who die