Faye Sizemore


I am of the Darfur
My name is Shaza

I am eight years old
We had to leave our home
The soldiers came and raped and killed my mother
She died screaming
We left after we buried her
We walked along way through the heat
with no food and very little water
We reached this refugee camp
but they said we cannot stay
We cannot walk any longer
My father says there is no where to go
My little brother died today
He screamed and he was gone
Men had come today with machetes in the night
We were sleeping… so tired
They killed… hacking… chopping…
all the people screaming as they died
I ran… I ran as fast
as my little brown legs could carry me
I heard my Father screaming
I ran on…
Some soldiers saw me go
They will look for me…
and the others who ran… later…
and they will kill us
The others may scream… but I will not
… I will die silently
No one hears anyway…

I am of the Darfur…
My name is Shaza…