Faye Sizemore


Midnight hours in the shadows, I see
Shapes of those long gone before me

Stretching out their hands they plead
They bade me follow where they lead

Until the dawn, I hold them all at bay
And silently as they came, they go away

They follow you; they plead to you
The good deeds that you didn’t do

If a chance is passed to help someone, it’s true
In the shadows someday they may wait for you

Changing their shapes in my sight,
Good deeds not done are the color of night

If there was now a way to atone
The shadows might leave me alone

Some night as the moon rises over the tree
The shadows may get the better of me

If I’m not here in the morning
Just let this be my warning,

Never pass up a chance to do a good deed,
Then there will be no shadows to plead

My friend, listen, and heed
Do not go where the shadows lead

Do not follow where I have gone
It is to a place where you can’t atone

The “Shadow” Trilogy

Part 1: Shadows Owed by Faye Sizemore
Part 2: Catch My Dreams by Charles E. Preston
Part 3: Shadows Owed by Lou J. Klaiber