Faye Sizemore


Someone has said the poets now
… are of a nuclear age
and are forming their prose
for history’s last page
I am differing with those words…
it is old wars that I seek to purge
Battlefields… becoming forgotten in time
… are the ones I like to put to rhyme
Somewhere on an old battlefield
may be discovered an answer that to us will yield
truth that may allow peace to be forever sealed
‘Never forget… and never repeat…’
is one moral taught to those who seek
Long has the enemy
fought the enemy in every war
The answer is not a closed door
It is written in heroes blood and long has it lain
where both sides of brave soldiers were slain
Maybe you cannot recognize it… so bloody and torn
holding out hope in its hand… so forlorn
surviving long after the battles do wane…
… brotherhood… is its name