Faye Sizemore


Over six months
And still we dig
Only stopping when
Another body is found
Carried out, draped in a flag
A pause to reflect
If we dig forever
It will never be right
There are too many
Gone from our sight
Twin towers brought down
Ending the lives of innocents
Too many to count
It has created a scene in our mind
That is frozen in memory
For all time
To the ones who caused this terror
We have become your Hounds of Hell
We will not rest
Until justice is served
Six months of digging
Thru concrete and steel
Has only strengthened our will
Tons of rubble on New York’s best
To those responsible
We will not let you rest
Time has passed
Fall became winter
And the snowflakes fell
Still we dug on
Now spring is here
We have worked and cried
Grieved and wondered
Supported one another
And become stronger
And still we dig
Know we will hunt you for eternity
And that you may believe
For it has an American iron clad warranty