Faye Sizemore


Saddam… Saddam
… formerly Iraq’s great
Where have you been
… Hiding in a hole
… making us wait
while freedom’s music did ring
and the whole world was waiting
just to hear you sing
… Didn’t you hear our music
Weren’t you home… were you sick
… You missed your cue
… so we brought the show to you
We are all impatiently waiting
to hear your sweet voice
You will be critic’s choice
Now sing for this crowd… sing real loud…
Come on Saddam… you don’t have be shy
… but remember we don’t want no lullaby

Saddam: Center Stage
A U.S. Army 4th Infantry Division specialist who identified himself only as Joe walks through the bedroom where former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein lived in a small compound in Adwar, Iraq. Chip Somodevilla/Knight Ridder Newspapers