Faye Sizemore


The spring rain has turned our world back to green
Once more life is beginning anew
The trees are bursting with buds
The birds are nesting and singing
The flowers are starting to bloom
And all seems fulfilled…
Winter is gone…

But, Lord, if you would just bring
Spring to the Battlefield…
Sound the trumpet
Raise all the fallen
Let their joyful cries ring
Send them home again
Let their lives resume…

All the mothers’, and fathers’ and wives’,
The sons’ and the daughters’
Tears would be dried.
Among the brothers and sisters
There would be such rejoicing
And praising of your name.
Just imagine the joy there would be
If there was a resurrection of spring…

Spring, spring on the battlefield…
What a wonderful thought
If only war could be a bad winter
That was over at last…