Faye Sizemore


Memory is a noise in the night

It can even be a smell
Or a certain shade of the light
It can be a piece of hell
Or a heavenly delight

Some memories ’d be better gone
coming when we are alone
Dwelling on the ones with pain
should never be our aim

Sometimes the dark is kind
and lets me rest my mind
Remembering old friends left behind
how their dear faces do shine

Other times I find it is just not so
A click in the dark causes fears to grow
A footstep sound in the dark
sometimes causes fear to my heart

The wind whistles by
Thunder rumbles nigh
Lightning in the night sky
Silver light through misty clouds
Not easier knowing why
the terror still abounds
with the semblance of war sounds

A quaking deep in my soul
awakening memories of old
Thrust them away
Just go begin a new day
Much easier said then done
So, forgive me, my friend
Today will not be the one