Faye Sizemore


Where has the display of American flags gone?
I did notice lately that they’re far… and few between.
Not too long ago a flag was on almost every lawn.
Now you can drive for miles before one appears on the scene.
Just where have they gone? Not to be preaching or to be mean…
But I don’t see very many now…do you notice the same thing?
Just a few short months ago, the demand for flags was so great,
You could not find one in a stock, you were told to wait.
After September Eleventh, flags were the most sought item in the store,
But I’ve noticed lately… they’re not the best sellers anymore.
My American flag is still on its pole on the side lawn hill.
It was flown there before Nine-One-One… and so it always will…
I didn’t need to rush down and buy one for that very reason.
It’s out on the hill where it’s always been, waving there still.
Where have all the rest gone? Did they put theirs away as out of season?
Well, I don’t believe in Santa… but I do believe in the nephews of Uncle Sam…
You think I’m just a chronic flag waver… oh, yes, you may bet that I am…