Faye Sizemore


At the tolling of midnight
Gazing out on bright moonlight
I beheld a strange sight
There was a woman in a dress of red clasped tight
In the arms of a uniformed soldier this night
As I watched they turned and walked away
I saw them for the moonlight was as bright as day
They stopped by the cemetery pathway
“Good-bye, my darling, I’ll have to stay”
“No matter, I’ll always love you,” I heard them say
All of a sudden she was alone on the street
Who was this strange soldier she had come out to meet
Why at midnight did he she greet
Why did they have to be so discreet
Days later by a friend I was told this story
When I saw her laying flowers in the cemetery
She’s the town’s crazy lady they all say
Been that way since she lost her fiancée
At night wearing a dress of red
Because it was his favorite, she said
Every night claiming to her he does come
Impossible because he was killed in Vietnam