Faye Sizemore


Jungle vines
tightly wrap
Hiding signs
wire… strung out
Flash of fire…

Author’s Note: … yes Tony, it is based on an actual incident involving Grant on January 18, 1968. Grant’s unit was in the process of taking a hill in northern Quang Tri. He was not the point man, thank God, as he was killed as were three others just behind point… Grant was hit in the femoral artery by shrapnel… He was carrying an M-79 grenade launcher at the time, not his usual M-60 machine gun. He said it and the ammo he was wearing was blown from him… He doesn’t know why they didn’t explode… They were pinned down for a while… When he was transported and taken to the USS Repose, they told him the blood supply to his lower leg had been cut off too long and they would have to amputate… Sometimes he agonizes over the fact of WHO tripped the wire… He’s afraid it may have been himself… It’s of no matter… only God knows…

Love, Faye