Faye Sizemore


The sun is so dammed hot
I don’t think we’ll ever
Make it up to the top
Just keep going through
This bush until we drop

There’s nothing as wet
As this jungle sweat
Bugs, blood, and grime
I’ll sure be glad when
It’s the end of my time

Gotta be careful, wires
Tangled with the vines
Enemies been here
I can see the signs
I can feel them near

How clever they can be
Hiding booby traps
Where we’d never see
Trip wires like hair
Hardly know they’re there

Let me tell you what’s real
I sure aunt no soldier
With famous nerves of steel
Whoever it was said that
Don’t know how it does feel

Noise like thunder up ahead
Flash of fire so bright
Screams echo in the night
Were I in that spot I’d be dead
Still I can see flashes of red

Things are never how they look
The wrong spot at the right time
And I’ve lost this life of mine
An ambush will be all it took
On me, they can close the book

You bet, I sure do feel fear
Let me say this is one long year
Ears are ringing, machine gun singing
Bullets are flying all over here
Yeah, it sure is one long year