Faye Sizemore

(In Quest of The Doughnuts)

After midnight, a handful of Marines
now picture, if you will these scenes:

Forced by the tempting smell of doughnuts
to crawl through the mud on their bellies
under the canvas of the mess tent
went these brave soldiers in greens
It was the fulfillment of a dream
in the most daring and bravest of plays
hardly anyone had ever seen
Been in the bush for two days
Oh, the horrors of war!
Couldn’t wait anymore
Slithering up the hill with the sentries in sight
hands in the tent did pass the sheets of delight
to the waiting eager Marines on the outside
Passed them safely from one to the other
even though it was darkest night
not a one was lost from their sight
Thank God for their training!
With a thought of no other
it was brother for brother
Back at the hooch, hungry hands filled
and the delights quickly went out of sight
Pats on the back for the bravest patrol
There was lots of happy munching and smiles
and telling of stories of doughnuts of old
Returned the baking sheets and the deed was done
full of sweet doughnuts, they were soothed
just one more memory to add to their past
Mission condoned and highly approved…
for they were ordered to the bush
………………………… before breakfast!