Faye Sizemore


Young brave…
in honor…
you now sleep
The price of freedom
has never been cheap
You who give all
have friends and family
who are left here to weep
and were given the flag
draping your coffin to keep
An eagle feather goes with you
It has been well earned
Honors far beyond that
for which you yearned
Greet your ancestors up above
surrounded with locks of love
… cut off with a sigh
and tucked in your casket
… gifts of goodbye
to a Native American Marine… so true
who died for the Red… White and Blue…

 Marine Cpl. Brett Lundstrom
Home of the Mustangs: The body of Marine Cpl. Brett Lundstrom, who was killed by small-arms fire Jan. 7 in Fallujah, lies in state in a flag-draped casket inside a 30-foot tepee set up in the gymnasium of Little Wound High School on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. U.S. Marines took shifts standing guard at the entrance.