Faye Sizemore

(Or Conversations with the Baby)

Nursery rhyme
Rock me… Mother
Rock me in time
for I have no other
until I love a brother

My father had gone on to war
and has been killed in action
He will come home anymore
He chose to do his patriotic chore

Nursery rhymes… nursery rhyme
Rock me… dear mother
Rock me in time
Love me as no other

Rock me and groom me
and keep me close in your sight
until into a man I am grown
and I too… must leave to fight
the seeds of hate that are sown

Little one… I will rock you in time…
keeping you close to this heart of mine
and pray for a world with fighting no more
and… never… never again… anyone lost to war

Nursery rhymes… nursery rhymes
I am the one for whom the bell chimes