Faye Sizemore


Hot steaming jungles
Dotted with pungi pits
Miles of mosquito trails
Rice paddies and k-bars
Craters blown through out
Napalm raining down
Cries of wounded in the night
Mud and those bitching leaches
Rain in torrents seeming, never ceasing
Flares and machine guns and screams
Ghosts in the choking smoke
One more day in the land of never
Tunnels of rice and death
Hungry children
Selling their sisters
Skinny little kids
Who rip open their shirts
A game to them
“Shoot me, Joe, Shoot me Joe”
Easy, Charlie, Bravo, Echo and Lima
Wake up… wake up.
Turn on the light…
It was not a dream
Again we were there…
Turn on the light…