Faye Sizemore


Well here I am
Been sent by Uncle Sam
To the glorious land called Vietnam

In the jungle land where the bombs do fall
And where the elephant grass grows so tall
Six feet or more grows in height overall

Its cut is as quick as broken glass
With blades like a thousand samurai
It can cut your arms or slice out your eye

You have to be alert in the elephant grass
It can hide some tigers or hide Charlie’s ass
Pray not to meet either as you make your pass

Let me tell you about these bloodthirsty leeches
They’re everywhere just waiting in the ditches
Let me tell you they’re little sons a` beeches

The monsoon rains will wash you away
They’ll mildew your mind in just a day
It’s just how it is, so enjoy your stay

Snakes all over, spiders big enough to ride
And you never know just where they will hide
Putting on your boots you may have one inside

See Charlie ain’t only all that’s deadly
Keep your eyes open and your rifle ready
Or they’ll be playing you that taps medley