Faye Sizemore


I went to school, Mama
We were so happy on the first day
I got to see all my friends
… with whom I used to play

The summer’s good times and bad have gone
I used to have dreams in the dark
Dreams I forgot as I walked
… next day in the park

You would come when I called
and chase the bogeymen away
saying nothing could hurt me
… in the sunny light of day

You would always hold me tight
banishing the bad from my night
and I knew in the light of day
… the bogey men could not stay

Mama, on the first day of school
the Bogey men broke your rule
They came not with long teeth and claws
… but with a vengeful cause

These nightmares carried a gun
We were all so frightened
They shot my friends
… who had attempted to run

Mama who knew that first day of school
would last into Eternity
and… Mama… this time… you could not
… make the bogey men flee…

Author’s Note: We must protect the children

Nightmare at School Number One: Beslan, North Ossetia
A wounded girl, who was among the hostages,
is carried from the school building. Beslan, North Ossetia