Faye Sizemore


Our flag was raised
Over territory
Fought and won in the mud
Bought with soldiers blood
A deed done
in the line of duty… and yet…
Now cast in bronze
Lest we forget…

Author’s Note: The immortal picture captured by Navy photographer, Joe Rosenthal, was actually the second raising of our flag.

Iwo Jima: 1st Flag Raising
The Marines who raised the first flag were Lieutenant Schrier; Platoon Sergeant Ernest T. Thomas, Jr.; Sergeant Henry O. Hansen; Corporal Charles W. Lindberg; and Privates First Class Louis C. Charlo and James Michels

Iwo Jima: 2nd Flag Raising
The six men immortalized by Joe Rosenthal’s photograph of the second flag-raising were Sergeant Michael Strank, Pharmacist’s Mate 2/c John H. Bradley, Corporal Harlon H. Block, and Privates First Class Ira H. Hayes, Franklin R. Sousley, and Rene A. Gagnon.