Faye Sizemore


ALTForgive me, Mr. Johnson, please,
but you ought just to wait
and listen to me,
so you get can this straight

Listen, Mr. Johnson, sir
I ain’t fightin’ this here war
for what you may think is the chosen chore
That’s not why I’m here on a foreign shore

I am fightin’ for this good friend, here by my side
Why, only yesterday, him and me almost died
‘Twas saved only by our buddies in the back lines
Thank God, they was watching out for our behinds

I am fightin’ too
for that boy that’s up there on point
Just last night we had us a brew
and we shared us a friendly joint

Forgive me, Mr. Johnson, please,
but I’m not fightin’ this war for you
I’m fightin’ it for my buddies, them
… and the good old red, white, and blue