Faye Sizemore


Outside the birds begin their warning
The first amber shades of morning

Stream across the tiny locked room
Slowly displacing the nights gloom

The start of just another day in hell
And making it this day only God can tell

Living ain’t living behind a locked door
It’s a nightmare if you’re a prisoner of war

Years ago they were all young and strong
Believing they’d get back to where they belong

It was just a matter of time before help came
They believed they could beat their captor’s game

Help did not come and on the years have run
Prisoners they still remain under the gun

Till the hopelessness of it all has overcome them
And freedom no longer sparkles as a precious gem

Just living another day takes all their time
There are no comforts in the midst of grime

Wondering the foremost thing that’s in their mind
How could we have left them to treatment of this kind?

… I am so ashamed…

Submitted for the June 2002 IWVPA Club Theme Project, “Prisoner of War