Faye Sizemore


I know you are here somewhere
lain to rest among the fallen foe
Help me to find his grave before I go
The war is over… I am going home alone
My brother will stay here… his life is gone
I have promised our dear mother
to lay a wreath on his grave
… a very last gift to my brother
a sign of our grief and of love… a token
Mother’s poor heart was broken
when the news came that he fell
at Gettysburg in that battle of Hell
I was there… I remember it well
Johnny… my brother… I always loved you
In spite of all our trials… I know you knew
I must go home bearing our mother sad news
It will be a hard thing I must do this day
… standing before her in my uniform of grey
telling her… my little brother… that you…
… are buried in a uniform of blue