Faye Sizemore


Dear Dad and Mom,

Here I am
at Camp Vietnam

Yes, I did get your box
Yes, I did need clean sox

No, Mom, I’m not
eating right.
How can you eat
In a firefight

Yes, I make friends, Dad
Hard to keep them, you see
They’re getting killed
All around me

Sleep is a thing
of the past
If I sleep sound
I won’t last
You say you’re
Very worried
You won’t mind then
If this letter’s hurried

I have to go now
Maybe to fight
They said we are
To move out tonight

I love you Mom
I love you Dad
When I get home
I’ll be glad

Homesick, Mom
You bet that I am
I don’t know if I’ll come home
From Camp Vietnam

Love and joy
Your boy, Roy