Faye Sizemore


Sir Percival
Sir Percival, from the King Arthur legends
Once I was a soldier knight
and I soldiered for the king
… even though his words
had a hollow ring
Though it was not of my will
… a soldier I was still
and soldiered for the cause
There I learned
my troth to plight…
hoping for the side of right
for I was a soldier knight
Now felled in battle
here I lay buried
not far away… almost in sight
of his throne so sullied
Lay a rose upon on this hill
and water it with your tears
… if you will…
for I was as faithful
as day is to night
I remain a soldier knight…

This poem was the inspiration for, “As I Lay Dreaming” – ©Copyright July 14, 2005 by Gerald C. Rinks