Faye Sizemore


POW/MIA BannerThe last strains of Amazing Grace drifted away
The funeral was over for Annie today
and as friends were filing past…
the door opened to one last guest

All heads turned to see who was late
There were whispers of ‘Joe… Joe… it’s Joe’
as the man slowly made his way
to the rose covered place where his love lay

At the casket Joe reached for Annie hand
Holding it used to be grand
Next to her engagement ring
… he placed a wedding band

‘Annie, I have loved you all these years’
the soldier said through his tears
‘you waited thirty years for me
and I know yours is the first face
at Heaven’s gate I will see

Annie… please wait a little longer for me’

Author’s Note: POW-MIAs… Haven’t they waited long enough? Pease read the first poem of this pair of POW/MIA poems, “Annie and Joe” - ©Copyright October 10, 2004 by Faye Sizemore