Faye Sizemore


I was sent to Basic
one day
For awhile
I did stay
being taught how to defend
the American way
I was not the only one you see
… it did not all fall on me

Lots of us
left our home
Good to know
we were not alone
Sisters and brothers
I did see
It was good to know
it was not all on me

Sarge walkin’
… up and down
… his eyes
Glancin’ all around
‘listen to me fellas’
I’m here to show you how
and you shall see…
that it ain’t all on me

Sent to Vietnam and
I tried to stay calm
but all I heard
was the echo of the bombs
and all I smelled
was the scent of napalm
now you have to agree…
looked like it was all on me

Lookin’ back to see…
… where is he
Back behind the trees
… rifle on the ground
… head between his knees
‘Git up, boy
It ain’t all on me’

Saddled up
… headed north
carrying what I thought
was freedom’s torch
Sweaty and dusty and bloody
… almost on my knees
It was so hard to see
that it was not all on me

Coming home
… seemed like I was alone
and like another world
… where I had been gone
The hurt goes on and on
Sisters and brothers I still see
… tellin’ me these old memories
… they ain’t all on me