Faye Sizemore


In the Sixties, our troops were sent to a foreign land.
My brothers and I went off with a wave of our hand.
We were all vowing to be the defending band,
the protectors making a great freedom stand.

It became a long, drawn hideous war game,
the one needing defending having my name.
Thinking the cards had been stacked,
for vigilance, not one of us lacked.

What we were fighting for, you must see,
were the very lives of my brothers and me.
Yes, we went to Nam, and took a mighty stand,
poured our brothers blood into a foreign land.

Searching through leafless jungles;
Hearing in the distance, the rumbles
Of those unseen overhead planes
that sprayed the chemical rains.

Through the hills and rice paddies
and the blazing napalmed trees
ah, interesting what hindsight sees,
and it sure does not please me!

Home, decades later, that’s where we be;
still watching out for my brothers, plus me,
just fighting to survive in this land of the free.
Gonna live forever… if Agent Orange lets me.