Faye Sizemore


First it was only three
today fifteen more
tomorrow what will the count be
Loss of life
is always a cost
of war’s strife
House to house hunt…
to drive the terrorists
out to the front
Advancing with much care
Careful… so careful
… civilians may be here
Search and seize…
protect first the host
… that has to come foremost
Toys laying in the rubble
when my weapon unwinds
may it be only enemies it finds
Civilians were told to go
but the little voices I hear
tells me it was not so
Fearing for them in combats’ blast
… I hope the moment
that I hesitate won’t be my last
Always civilians in harm’s way
… I shall cry tomorrow
there is no time today
Civilians harmed
will be in the news
It’s a hard walk in my shoes