Faye Sizemore


I close my eyes
and in memory I am shown
Scenes from the places
where I belong

Night has come and
in the time before sleeping
I can see the light
behind yonder trees gleaming

It comes every night
from the window at home
If I could just make it
those few short feet

I know all my loved ones
would run for me to greet
It’s just over there
can’t you see it shine

It appears there
every night at about this time
If I listen I know
I can hear the sounds of family

Pretending this to be
is what saves my sanity
with me here all alone
For I’m thousands of miles
not just a few feet from home

I’m a prisoner of war
they still hold me here
For years they have kept me
from all that is dear

If I ever get home
from there I will never part
For now the only way
I can go home is in my heart