Faye Sizemore


In that place where troubles cease
Amid the graceful cemeteries peace
An old soldier at last lay sleeping
With an angel of marble at his grave
Standing as a sentry, silently weeping

And for a moment fleeting
It seemed in the stillness
I heard his voice, entreating
Filled with longing, a seeking
Staying me in my retreating

‘Will they remember me with honor
When the last trumpet is sounded
When the last moment is ended
Will it be known that I served well
When time tolls that last bell?

When I came home, it was to disgrace
I served in Vietnam with honor
I went through a hell time never erased
I spent my days trying to justify that place
Now I wait for judgment day in this space’

And in my heart, I thought to him,
God will not let your brave deeds dim
You fought a battle with outcome grim
It did not happen here, but, when on that golden shore
I know a hero’s welcome will go on forevermore