Faye Sizemore


I’m home now, Mamma
I’ll never leave anymore
I wasn’t gone too long
Just took a walk in the war

I can’t say it wasn’t so bad
And to be home I am so glad
I only wish I had walked through the door
But I haven’t walked, not since the war

A burden I don’t want to be
Are you crying, I wish I could see
They said blind is better than dead
But Mamma I may go out of my head

There’ll be no more walks with Sue next door
No more, because I took a walk in the war
This blind soldier seated in a wheel chair
Would be more than a young girl could bare

Mama, I wish I could see, are you crying there
Mama, dry your tears, don’t cry anymore
It’s over; I’ve done my American chore
I am home; I’ve done my walk in the war