Faye Sizemore


Robed ones
in the Castle Supreme
… ‘Keepers of the Seals’…
those who do the deals…
who interpret the laws…
look down in the valley
upon whom it falls
Hear ye not our calls…
Heed before the echo
topples your walls…


Why indeed, does no one do or say anything until after the fact??… You bet when it happens they will bitch… Can’t they hear it coming? Almost sounds like a railroad train. They know this has happened before. Checks have been stopped without notification. Checks for payments bounced and guys were out in the streets… It was in the seventies. They bitched then.

No one bitched until the Supreme Court said it was law for industrial complexes to take our hard earned and paid for land. Well, they took South Carolina’s LT Governor’s land and even he couldn’t stop them either… it’s the law… who’s bitching now?

Why is their only one mother camped outside Bush’s ranch?? I haven’t lost a child in Iraq but I would like to know who the hell verified that there were WMD there and if so where the hell did they go? Show me. I want to know!!

There is another soldier from a few miles up the road from here killed in Afghanistan… Sgt Edward R. Haselton of Easley, SC.; he has a one year old daughter and is the third war-related fatality recently from our little corner of Pickens County.

KKK killer Killen is free today in Mississippi so my dream of him dying in prison is up in smoke. He will probably die while he’s out on bond. He complained he didn’t like they way he was treated in jail… well, damn, he’s alive! Those three Civil Rights workers are DEAD… Killen has lived a full life and saw his children and his grandchildren grow up. Those three dead men did not… Why is Killen out…? Because it is the law! Why do convicted criminals have so many rights…? Who’s going to give those slain Civil rights workers some rights… damn it?

Also one of the Realtors we work for, Kathy Stone died yesterday. She was a great person who will be missed by friends and a loving family.

My little dog is in heat and the Shitzu from up the road is camped in our yard… and looks at us as if we are the intruders.

There I have ranted too. I don’t feel any better either… but now everyone knows I have good reasons to be a bitch…

This poem and the article were prompted by the article, “PTSD Re-evaluation and ‘Support the Troops” – ©Copyright August 13, 2005 by Thurman P. Woodfork