Faye Sizemore


IWVPA Double Tap Award for War Poetry: March 14, 2009
Awarded: March 14, 2009
Do you hear…
In the woods and fields
There abounds
Muted battle cries
Beneath spring skies
Subtle sounds
Coming from yesteryear
Of when a nation paid dear?

Canon fire is heard as far away thunder
From when this country was torn asunder
In the spring in the south
Ghosts give voiceless mouth
Of distress and sorrow
Shaking the listener to the very marrow
“In Unity there is great strength
In battle there is only death”

All is peace today
Where the fallen did lay
The grasses are growing green
Above the former battle scene
And among the Dogwood trees
Cardinals in their dress of red
… Still sing Hallelujahs…
Every day for the dead