Faye Sizemore


Together… we followed where it led…
That banner of the red… the white and the blue
Some of us are now alive and some of us are dead;
Some of us have troubles in our head
We gave our bodies… our minds… our lives…
For that which the tri-colored banner stands
And our country… where it still flies

Do you remember us…
The ones gone before
Who were lost in ill-favored wars?
Do you honor and remember us…
The ones in whom America put her trust
Who grew old before their time
Because they put it all upon the line?

Together… we followed where it led
Now gathered together
On another Memorial Day
Let us bow our heads and pray
Let us remember today… our dead
Who lay beneath
That banner of blue… white and red…

Author’s Note: For Memorial Day, 2008

Faye Sizemore: From A Veteran’s Point Of View: Memorial Day