Faye Sizemore


Patrol dug in for the night
Didn’t know then
I was in for a hell of a fright

And it rained.
Digging in the rain
Let me tell you
That’s a pain
… Damn rain

Standing in a two by three
Dug in the mud
Water was getting deep
Clear to my knees
On the side of a hill
That was extra steep
… Damn rain

Dug in on a ninety degree hill
Rainwater rushing to the river below
Enough damn water to run a mill
… Damn rain

Gunfire in the distance
Straining to hear above the rain
Somebody needs assistance
… Damn rain

Hard to hear above the rain
What’s that going downhill
It ain’t no train
… Damn rain

Couple of Marines
Ground like grease
Slidin’ past
Not on their feet
Just on their ass
Slidin’ downhill
Really, really fast
… Damn rain

No enemy action
Poor guys just could not
Get any traction
… Damn rain

Yep, they were doin’ a dance
Just unfortunate
Victims of circumstance
… Damn rain

Distractions can kill
Back to business with a will
But, still smiling over muddy marines
Slidin’ downhill
Against their will
… Damn rain

Grenades handy on the ledge
Might give me an edge
Peering in the darkness
Trying to see
Oh, wet, woeful me
… Damn rain

What’s that sound
I might be out of luck; you see
That was a grenade thrown in with me
… Damn rain

Tryin’ to bend down
Foxhole tight
Enough water to drown
Hands in the water
Feelin’ all about
Ready to grab that sucker
And throw it out
… Damn rain

As it left my hand
In that split second that I threw
I felt a ring
And I saw the light, I knew
… Damn rain

I had given the enemy
One of my own
because you see
On the foxhole’s edge
Where one stood
Once there were… two
… Damn! Damn rain

Author’s Note: This is a true story Grant likes to tell on rainy nights