Faye Sizemore


At the sun’s failing light… to some… it is revealed
… a highway that was thought to be concealed
now exposed… left like excess baggage
along memories highway
… are shapes of comrades left by the way
… fallen… lying behind… in careless disarray
… victims of a forgotten fray
Piled in heaps beside the road
… too heavy for someone’s load
Those left behind on this forsaken avenue
await the time when they will rise up
and be known
… even count coup
upon those whose care was not shown
In the dark of night… will one be glad they came
or will a head be hung in shame
Until he is forgotten… a man is not dead
a remembrance is but a thread
… to the time
those beside you did tread
Do not disregard them and expect
to rest easy in your bed
A small spark can get them started
Memories do not leave on their own
… even those who are disregarded
Only one who does honor friends gone
… carrying their memories
in his heart and head
will sleep
… a sleep with no dread