Faye Sizemore


Though honor to its dead we may be giving
War only saddens and enrages the living

I have grown tired of war…
It is in every waking sight

It haunts my dreams at night
I have grown tired of war…

Give us back our wounded and all the MIA
Let all soldiers return home this day

I have grown tired of war…
Let them lower all their weapons

Let peace reign under the heavens
I have grown tired of war…

I am sad and my heart is sore
Let the battles rage no more

I am so very tired of war…

After all is said and done… you see
… words cannot settle what is to be

Does war too… not tire of me…?

Dearest Faye,

I’m afraid that the answer to your question, “Does war too… not tire of me…?” is “Most certainly not!” That’s because war is a sadistic, blind, and uncaring whore that takes and never gives… and it is only by God’s gift of humanity that any person is able to gain even a faint semblance of care and honour on the dual battlefields whereupon harm is a reality and wheresoever concern for the protagonists is felt.

Copyright August 3, 2005 by Anthony W. Pahl