Faye Sizemore


On the old mailbox it was written number three
It always sat on a shelf behind Grandma’s T.V
It sat there for thirty years that I know of
Grandma has died… she’s gone on above

I never had a grandpa… at least not one I could see
He was just a soldier in a picture smiling at me…
handsome in his uniform on the wall above the T.V.
He stayed thirty years where Grandma placed him to be

I sorted Grandma’s stuff… it was rough
What to do with this… and… oh Lord… what to do with that
When it came to the picture… it was really tough
Hard moving a man after thirty years from where he’d been at

The old mailbox had weight other than its own
When I opened it… I more than knew why
Love letters had come the whole time he’d been gone
Stacks of old letters with words to make you cry

Words of tenderness and love and battles gone by
I left the letters in there… for after all you see…
it just went to my house… to rest on a shelf near my T.V…
and that soldier looks down from my wall… smiling at me