Faye Sizemore


Faye Sizemore: Fallujah WomanFrom the window she saw them
… four American soldiers
in the light so dim
She was told of a house to house search
even of the Mosques… even their church

… “Infidels” she said
“Better off dead”

Because of them her husband had died
Oh… how she had cried…
much like the way she did weep
and wail when her children
were bombed in their sleep

… “Infidels” she said
“Much better off dead”

The soldiers entered at the door
… came in to finish their chore…
searching her little living space
She hoped they’d find not a trace
She smiled and lowered her head

… “Infidels” she said
“Much better off dead”

Upstairs was where they went next
Quickly sliding open a secret panel
filled with weapons and wares…
a booby trap she did fix…
stretching a wire across the stairs

“Infidels’ she said
“much better off dead’…