Faye Sizemore


A tangled web war does weave
when its soldiers take their leave
It is not over for them… ever
The memories will stop… never
Memories do appear at such odd times
We… who know them… see the signs
A whiff of diesel smoke
only makes us choke
It speaks to them
… of fire and tanks
life on the rim
… with no thanks
Thunder and lightning in the sky
brews memories of a day to die
… pictures of friends and foe
called from scenes of woe
laying fallen… and spent
their bodies broken and bent
a harsh world… men crying
old pictures of death and dying
A scent… a sound
… a sudden rebound
there is always pain
and it will remain
… until time itself does ebb
for those who have been
caught in this evil war web
only sometimes granted peace
… but never… ever… release