Faye Sizemore


For many long years…
under the magnolias this huge house has stood
It has a big pillared porch and its roof is good
For Sale signs have appeared on the front lawn again
Seems another set of owners are giving in

This beautiful house was built pre-Civil War
It has had at least… fifty owners or more
A former mistress of this house seems to wail and wander about
Four sons… she had… when war turned their lives bad

Now she wanders and calls all night long up and down the halls…
her sobs even echoing off the bedroom walls
They say it’s even worse in the rain and this is why…
she wails even louder as the thunder grows neigh

She’s been seen in the garden among the roses
with her hat shading her face among other poses
The children were frightened of her sad tear – stained face
so their parents are taking them away and selling the place

She scared the little girls and they did run
but she always beckoned to the sons
They say they heard whispers of ‘Gettysburg” and “Shiloh’
They are packing up now to ready and go

There is no way to silence her tears
They have fallen for so many years
To silence her there is only one way
and that won’t be until Judgment Day

No one can comfort this mother of old
though her teardrops be of solid gold
No one can give back her dearest ones
There are no replacements for lost sons